Plotting power usage with Current Cost and Graphite

I’ve recently upgraded my free power meter to something more hack friendly. Current Cost EnviR power meter outputs current power usage in Watts + current temperature (where the base station is) every 6 seconds in XML format over serial connection. I could get a Current Cost bridge that will post this data to Current Cost website but I though Graphite is much better for this. Here is a quick post on how to get this date into Graphite.
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Alfred Workflows

If you ever thought why I should buy a Mac the answer is simple, Alfred ! Can’t think of my work day without it. Soon to be release V2 of Alfred will include a new feature called “Workflows” and as a Mega Supporter I have access to beta version of the app and let me tell you this, if you’re a Power Pack user, prepare for your mind to be blown !
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Dashing – The exceptionally handsome dashboard framework

I love dashboards, or actually monitoring dashboards, especially small simple scripts giving you a nice view into what’s important for you.

In my time at Rackspace I have build a Bootsrap PHP polling monster showing a lot of details about Rackspace Cloud (metrics, graphs). This help me and other admins to have a easy way to look into our infrastructure. The main thing is, all of it is read only. However, as much as I love Bootstrap it’s not ideal solution for large TVs on the wall were data needs to be pushed and things are BIG. Here comes Dashing Continue reading

Can’t unlock System Preferences padlock

Another problem I had after upgrading to Mountain Lion was that every time I tried to open the padlock in System Preferences my password was not accepted, here’s a quick fix:

user@computer:$ sudo rm -r ~/Library/Caches/

then reboot your system and you should be good.

Java fix for Mountain Lion

After upgrading to OSX 10.8 i got plugin not installed error in chrome when trying to open kvm java console. To fix Java open your termianl and type:

user@computer:$ java -version

you should be prompted to install Java update.